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New Zealanders


With a decade of experience of running businesses in New Zealand, Red Consulting International has developed significant expertise in the tax issues specific to New Zealanders and trans-Tasman business.

As a New Zealander you may also be able to access the significant tax concessions available on capital gains and foreign sourced investment income.

Expanding into Australia

For New Zealand companies looking to expand into Australia, we work with a growing number of New Zealand based accounting firms so can assist you with navigating the Australian and New Zealand tax and commercial issues associated with trans-Tasman business, including:

  • Trans-Tasman structure
  • Transfer pricing
  • Repatriation and the taxation of dividends
  • Utilising Australian franking credits
  • Capital gains on exit
  • Remuneration of employees seconded from New Zealand
  • Review of seconders Australian / Trans-Tasman tax obligations and planning opportunities

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Client Experiences

Having accumulated a significant share portfolio our client decided to realise some of his gains.  After reviewing his residency position and the tax concessions available to New Zealanders we identified parts of his portfolio which could be sold tax free

For a taxpayer potentially otherwise paying tax at 46.5%, this significant improvement to his tax outcome was vital in his wealth strategy.