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Moving to Australia

If you have recently moved to Australia (whether on secondment or permanently) or you are returning to Australia after a period abroad, early attention to your Australian tax obligations can potentially make a significant  difference to the tax you pay.

There are a range of areas to consider including:

  • Capital gains tax ("CGT") on assets abroad or in Australia
  • Employee share schemes
  • Australian and foreign superannuation
  • The taxation of your primary residence
  • Double taxation and tax treaties
  • Foreign losses and foreign tax credits
  • Tax residency
  • Salary packaging

Ideally these matters should be considered before you arrive in Australia.

Australia also provides a range of tax exemptions for most expatriates

We therefore recommend early consideration of these opportunities before firm commitments are made.

For overseas clients we can arrange calls outside of standard business hours to account for time differences. 

Client experience

After working in Singapore for three years and receiving employee stock option grants each year, our client returned to Australia and resumed Australian tax residency status.

Under Singapore law all the employee share options granted to our client were subject to tax even of they were yet to vest.

Our knowledge of the client's share option plan and how both the Australian and Singapore tax rules applied allowed our client to plan for the taxing point upon his departure from Singapore, take advantage of any concessions available to him in Singapore and claim available foreign income tax offsets of over $70,000 as the options vested and became subject to tax in Australia.

For a taxpayer concerned about being subject to double tax on an employee benefit, our advice provided peace of mind and a better than expected tax outcome.

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