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Australian Set Up

For foreign companies looking to set up in Australia, Red Consulting International offers a seamless portal into Australian business

- a One Stop Shop Service. 

Our goal is to provide you with the everything you need to set up business and introduce  the relationships you will need to run your business.

Prior to starting business in Australia we offer:

  • Advice on the structure that best reflects your Australian strategy
  • Company incorporation services (generally within 24 hours)
  • Professional resident Director services
  • Company Secretarial services
  • Practical advice on income tax, sales tax (GST) and employee tax obligations

We have worked with a large range of international organisations and are very familiar with the various global needs and requirements to be addressed.  We often work directly with overseas finance teams and tax managers where required.

Once your Australian business has been established you can then decide about the level of resourcing you need.  In the early stages our team is available to:

Provide bookkeeping services

  • Prepare monthly management accounts
  • Attend to Australian Tax Office lodgements
  • Assist with corporate compliance

As your business develops you may internalise these functions in which case we can assist with a smooth transition.

The final step is introducing you to other business partners that may assist  with your business opportunity.  These range from professional partners such as lawyers, bankers and insurance providers through to operational relationships such as suppliers and customers.

Contact us today to discuss your Australian opportunity and where we can help.

Client Experience

With a strong Australian economy we are seeing more and more overseas companies coming to Australia to set up business.  The scale of our involvement differs depending on the size of the business.

Recently a company supporting the telecommunications industry approached us about setting up their Australian subsidiary.  With a small existing finance team overseas, and limited contacts in Australia they were looking for a one stop shop approach. 

After reviewing their needs we:

  • Liaised with their overseas advisors to understand any local implications
  • Advised on the Australian tax implications associated with their short term and long term strategy
  • Incorporated their Australian subsidiary
  • Applied for appropriate ASIC and ATO registrations
  • Continue to act as their registered office
  • Prepare their monthly accounts and attend to local filing requirements
  • Report in local GAAP for quarterly and annual audit and compliance requirements.

Our clients therefore have comfort that the base structure of their company is well looked after - allowing them to focus on achieving the operational KPI's for their business.