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Overseas Business

Few advisors in Australia have the in-depth experience and expertise to assist with international tax.  Even fewer have the practical on the ground experience of taking a company global.

There are few business experiences more satisfying than seeing a locally grown idea take hold overseas and succeed. 

Tony Pitara – Associate Director

As international business and tax advisors we are available to:

  • Develop and refine your strategy
  • Help you evaluate business and financial partners
  • Develop your international structure
  • Share ideas
  • Introduce you to overseas advisors
  • Connect you with other opportunities

For our international corporate clients we are available to travel to overseas locations if this best serves your needs. 

Once your strategy and business needs have been identified we can advise on cashflow implications such as:

  • Tax free dividend opportunities
  • Double tax agreements
  • Transfer pricing
  • Permanent establishments
  • Utilising foreign tax losses and foreign tax credits
  • Withholding tax

We have practical experience in many of the key areas relevant to emerging Australian businesses including:

  • Manufacturing in Asia
  • Incorporating companies, settling trusts and banking in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Selling into and doing business in the US and Europe
  • Expanding and operating in New Zealand

Contact us today for your free first meeting if you have an international business, or you are looking to expand overseas.

Client Experience


When a new client was meeting his business partner in Hong Kong to negotiate their international expansion it was a perfect opportunity to get to know more about this rapidly growing Australian success story.

With manufacturing in China and a strong business partner, Hong Kong was to become the future hub of their international business.  We flew to Hong Kong to attend the meeting, discuss structure and strategy and meet with the local business partner's accountants and advisors.

As their business expands into the US we are on hand to:

  • Liaise with our recommended advisors in Hong Kong and the US
  • Develop the short and long term strategy
  • Design a corporate structure that reflects the strategy
  • Advise on the Australian and international tax implications

As the company continues to grow we are working with management to partner and problem solve.