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Tax Returns

Very few people get excited about preparing their tax return each year.

The best part is when your tax advisor says - "It looks like you are due a refund".


Although the end of year process of compiling payment summaries, receipts and log books can be tedious - early and ongoing discussions about your tax position will always yield results.


If you have yet to prepare your tax return for the previous financial year contact us today for a free opportunity to talk through your needs.

If you are considering tax issues in the current financial year, take the opportunity for a qualified professional to look over your prior year tax return at no charge and discuss opportunities for the current financial year.

After managing the tax compliance for multinational organisations and dealing with tax offices around the world I really appreciate the importance of a high quality compliance process.

Tony Pitara- Associate Director

Client experience



By keeping in contact during the course of the financial year we are able to advise clients on the potential tax implications of opportunities that are presented during the year.

Some of these include:

  • Clients with employee share schemes seeking advice on their tax liability (even of they haven't received any cash). This extends to understanding the highly complex international share/ stock option schemers for all the major global companies.
  • Signing the contract for selling an investment property with settlement in the next tax year.
  • Varying tax instalments down when circumstances change (improving cashflow).
  • Salary Packaging and novated car leases.

Through regular contact during the financial year we are able to assist our clients to best manage their tax obligations.



For our corporate clients, we also keep regular contact during the year to assist with managing their tax liability and understanding how their business is progressing. 


Issues we consider include:

  • Shareholder loan risks (division 7A)
  • Dividend opportunities
  • Franking credit account management
  • Senior executive  employment packages
  • Varying tax instalments

Addressing these issues as they occur rather than well after the end of the financial year provides our clients with greater flexibility to consider their options and make better decisions.