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Capital Gains Tax

CGT is one area of tax law where we receive a significant number of inquiries.  Often large sums are involved, along with complex facts and options. If you feel you require specific capital gains tax advice we welcome the opportunity to work through your issues with you.

CGT can be approached from two angles:

  • This has happened, what are the CGT implications? Or
  • I am thinking of doing this, what are the potential CGT implications?

Comprehensive CGT advice therefore incorporates technical knowledge and experience from other transactions to provide insight into how your circumstances may unfold.

We have worked with a range of clients across all industries assisting with issues including:

  • Corporate restructures
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • The sale and purchase of land and buildings
  • Cross border capital gains issues
  • Subdivision and property development
  • The small business CGT concessions
  • Rezoning / Urban Growth Boundary ("UGB") changes

CGT planning and advice allows you to understand your potential CGT liability and potentially avoid any unintended consequences.


Client Experiences

Having lived on a substantial piece of land with few neighbours our client was approached to subdivide and sell his land.

Conscious of the complexities around the main residence exemption, the adjacent land opportunity and ensuring he did not inadvertently become a property developer, we provided advice on:

  • The potential structure of the arrangement
  • The forecast tax outcomes
  • Practical options to allow him to consider whether he would remain as an owner (with many new neighbours).

Our client is now in a position to negotiate with full knowledge of the potential implications of his decisions.