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Capital & Debt Raising

Experience in fund raising and having the right partners can mean the difference between a successful capital or debt raising program and the many that fail.

If you are in the early stages of growing your business, banks can demand a significant amount of additional information to manage their risk. This can include providing comprehensive financial reports compiled by an external accountant through to presenting forecasts and comprehensive business plans.

For private debt or equity placements the experience of raising funds and understanding the needs of such lenders and investors can smooth what is a time consuming and often difficult process.  We can assist with the preparation of information memoranda, financial submissions (including financial statements and forecasts) as well as supporting you in selling your ideas and vision to the right people in the market.

We primarily engage in transactions with a value of between $500,000 to $20 million - although our client experience has often exceeded these valuations. 

When we work with third party accountants we are also prepared to enter into non-compete agreements so that the relationship between the client and the referring accountant is protected and maintained.

We have also successfully worked with a number of companies through the process of listing on the Australian Stock Exchange and bring that experience to the table.  This covers the full spectrum of the preliminary process of preparing the company for the rigors of public scrutiny through to dealing with third party advisors, institutional investors and analysts and the ongoing compliance with ASX regulations.

If you are looking to raise capital and want to work with a firm that has been intimately involved in capital raising through every stage of a business’s lifecycle, contact us today to talk about your opportunity.

ASX Listing


Client Experiences

It is extremely satisfying to see a client's idea become a reality. 

For this recently sold ASX listed generic pharmaceuticals company that is exactly what happened.  From a business plan, developed in one of our offices, the Red Consulting growth and strategy team worked with the founder to start, grow and then list the company on the ASX.

The Unique Red Consulting approach included:

  • Participating in road shows with the founder to sell the business model to investors
  • Travelling to overseas sites to view the production of pharmaceuticals
  • Driving additional capital raising for a major acquisition of a competitor
  • Becoming the CFO of the company through the high growth phase
  • Supporting the management team following a takeover offer from a significant multinational corporation

To support the business as it grew, senior members of the Red Consulting team worked in the business to provide day to day assistance during these critical growth stages in the business.

From this experience we have developed significant expertise in:

  • The capital raising process both pre and post IPO
  • Working with financiers on local and cross border debt
  • Working with Big 4 audit firms on complex IFRS issues and the audit process
  • Managing ASX compliance requirements

Debt raising for new ventures


Client Experiences

As business and opportunities become more complex, more sophisticated legal support can be necessary. We work with a network of legal advisors at all levels that we have found to be competitively priced and commercially minded.

Following a significant period of research and development one of our most successful entrepreneurial clients was ready to commercialise his latest invention.


In the early stages his preference was to raise debt rather than bring in outside investors.  Working with one of Australia's leading banks in a difficult business banking market we supported our client by:

  • Holding planning meetings to understand the opportunity
  • Preparing forecasts and financial models
  • Attending site visits with the relationship managers and credit team
  • Compiling finance packs
  • Liaising with the banks relationship managers
  • Responding promptly to queries from credit teams

Displaying a robust process of financial analysis and consideration gave the banks comfort over the viability of this start-up venture. 

By working directly with the banks our client had more time to focus on growing the business.  The process allowed him to raise significant funds to finance the next stage of growth.