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Due Diligence

A thorough and targeted due diligence process can provide you with enormous value.

As each transaction is different our due diligence approach is tailored to your specific requirements.

Even if you are experienced at expanding through acquisition and have a comprehensive commercial understanding of your target we can provide you with fresh set of eyes and a targeted report on identified areas of risk and concern.

Buying a business for the first time? We offer a comprehensive due diligence process which can also link to our post acquisition support program.

This can include strategy sessions, business integration advice, a forensic financial review as well as liaising with external advisors.

Risk Focused Commercial Due Diligence


Client Experiences

When the Chief Executive of one of Australia’s fastest growing advertising agencies calls we know he has something interesting on his mind. After rapid organic growth and having built a reputation for punching above its weight, the CEO was on the acquisition trail.

Given our history and understanding of his business, our client was looking for us to validate his gut feeling that this target was in fact a good buy.

Following a comprehensive review of the target company we presented the CEO and internal finance team with key material findings and questions that allowed him to negotiate a sharper price and to better understand the risks.