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Our Network

  • Red Consulting International is a full service business advisory, tax and accounting firm with a unique approach.

    If you are:

    • A high growth business looking to raise capital / debt or expand overseas
    • A business or family group looking for a fresh approach to your tax and accounting affairs
    • An executive leaving or returning to Australia; or
    • A small cap ASX listed business looking for ASX / ASIC support

    we have the expertise and experience to assist you.

  • Commercial banking

    Finding finance is about making the right connections. In today’s volatile markets, securing capital can be challenging, complex, and time-consuming. This is made worse if you partner with finance providers that do not understand your needs or your industry.

    This is where RedConnect can help. We are a specialist provider of finance solutions to the healthcare and associated industries. As a result of our vast network of lenders and our extensive experience in providing finance solutions to our target market, we give you the best chance to secure the finance required for whatever your business needs may be.

    We understand. We listen. We empathise. We have access to the right network. We will develop a strategy. We will deliver upon it.

    – Martin Reukers – Managing Director Red Connect.

    For further details about Red Connect, please visit

  • Private Banking

    For our high net wealth clients we work closely with their private bankers and financial planners to ensure that investment decisions include consideration of the tax consequences and appropriate tax structure.

    As our clients' wealth grows, or new clients arrive in Australia, we look to introduce them to like minded banking partners in the Premium and Private banking teams of Australia's leading financial institutions.

  • Financial Planning

    At Red Consulting we take the position that financial planners should be recommended based on results, not the incentives they pay.  We therefore introduce our clients to financial planners that best fit our clients needs and we take no commission or payment in return.  We can then act objectively for our clients in assisting the delivery of their financial plans.

  • Lawyers

    As business and opportunities become more complex, more sophisticated legal support can be necessary. We work with a network of legal advisors at all levels that we have found to be competitively priced and commercially minded.

  • International Advisors

    For our clients with international issues/opportunities we work with tax and legal advisors in key jurisdictions to ensure access to on the ground technical expertise.  By working closely with these advisors we are also able to identify opportunities and ease the transition into a new country.

  • Auditors

    As part of our audit support practice we work closely with a number of leading audit practices.  From smaller firms providing single stakeholder and Superannuation Fund audits through to members of the Big 4 servicing some of our multi-national and ASX listed clients, we can introduce you to an audit partner to suit your business needs.

  • Valuers

    We have developed close relationships with a number of valuers to assist in:

    • Audit and banking support
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Cashflow strategy
    • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Independent Accountants reports.

    Given our relationships and expertise we work to ensure that these are undertaken at an appropriate cost for the transaction/issue at hand.

  • Government Grants

    With over 500 Federal and State grants available and on average over $50 billion paid out every year, it is important to have considered whether your company is making the most of the opportunities available. 

    At Red Consulting we work with Australia's leading providers of:

    • Grant strategy development
    • Export Market Development applications
    • Research and development grant applications

    If you have not considered whether your company is entitled to a grant, contact us today to arrange a grant strategy session.